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UrbanPRism Research Group

Advised by Dr. Chandana Mitra,

Department of Geosciences

Auburn University


I do research on Climatology, urbanization and growth models, urban climate, climate change, South Asia-urbanization and impacts, sustainability, GIS and remote sensing, and climate modeling.

My research mainly has been funded by NASA, NSF, NOAA Sea Grant, USGS, Office of Water Resources, Alabama.

Peer reviewed article-length publications (* Students’ publication)

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Contributor in the Urban Expert Team (UET) – World Meteorological Organization (WMO) Publication. 2019. Guidance on Integrated Urban Hydrometeorological, Climate and Environment Services. Volume II: Demonstration Cities.

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Other Publications:

C. Mitra 2016. Geographers at Work’ Profile. 7th Edition of Rowntree’s Diversity Amid Globalization. Pg 495

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