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UrbanPRism Research Group

Advised by Dr. Chandana Mitra,

Department of Geosciences

Auburn University


The Ecosystem Services of Greenspaces-

Spirit of Sustainability Awards –

Featured in Bloomberg Law Newspaper (June 2020) –

Featured on SciLine, an American Association of Advancement of Science (AAAS) as a climate expert in September 2020

Featured on ‘Alabama Political Reporter’

Featured on Public Media

Featured on – Auburn Scientists Study Hurricanes and their Impacts on 09/22/2017

Featured on Auburn University front page news ‘Auburn researcher compares heat produced by large and small urban areas’ on 07/25/2016.

Featured in an online news website ‘India Climate Dialogue’ on 06/29/2016.

Interviewed on public media on climate change – e-newspaper (; and radio (WVAS Radio News) (April 2014)