Team Advisor

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UrbanPRism Research Group

Advised by Dr. Chandana Mitra,

Department of Geosciences

Auburn University


Research Areas: Climatology, urbanization and growth models, urban climate, climate change, South Asia-urbanization and impacts, sustainability, GIS and remote sensing, climate modeling

I am Chandana Mitra, Associate Professor in the Department of Geosciences at Auburn University. I am a physical geographer and climatologist by formal training. I love traveling all around and tasting new cuisines. I received my PhD from University of Georgia in Urban Climatology from the Department of Geography. My undergraduate degree, also in Geography, is from Kolkata, India.

Lunch with Research Team (2018) at Acre Restaurant, Auburn, AL. From left to right, Alamin Molla, Shihab Nur, Chandana Mitra, Megha Shrestha, Ethan Burt and Murtuza Khan.